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142 The Highlanders: Episode Two

EPISODE: The Highlanders: Episode Two
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 24 December 1966
WRITER: Elwyn Jones & Gerry Davis (uncredited)
DIRECTOR: Hugh David
PRODUCER: Innes Lloyd
RATINGS: 6.8 million viewers
FORMAT: CD: Doctor Who: The Lost TV Episodes volume 3 (1966-1967)
TELESNAPS: The Highlanders: Episode Two

"Once aboard the Annabelle, that's the only way you'll get off her. Straight downwards!"

Polly's visitor turns out to be Kirsty who tries to rescue her, but falls in too. Ffinch finds them but he too falls in and they take him prisoner. At Inverness The Doctor, Ben, Jamie and the Laird have been thrown in a dank cell. The Doctor discovers Bonnie Prince Charles' standard on the Laird's person and calls for the guards to take it to Grey. Polly & Kirsty blackmail Ffinch and steel his identity documents. Grey orders Captain Trask to load the prisoners onto his ship for deportation. Gaining access to Grey the Doctor overpowers him, hides him then tricks Perkins into believing he is ill. Ffinch is found by his Sergeant who turns the situation to his monetary gain. Trask releases Grey but misses the Doctor now disguised as a scullery maid. Jamie Ben & the Laird are taken to Trask's ship, the Annabelle, where Trask punishes a fellow prisoner by throwing him bound overboard to drown.

Sorry it bored me to tears this one. You're meant to laugh at Troughton's German accent and dressing up. I didn't. Oh look it's a historical story and we're back on boats AGAIN.

Onto the cast: David Garth plays Solicitor Grey: he'll be back in Terror of the Autons Episode One as the Time Lord who warns the Doctor of the Master's arrival on Earth.

1 Grey 1Perkins

Grey's assistant Perkins is played by Sydney Arnold who you can see as a Prisoner in the Out of the Unknown episode The Midas Plague which is an existing episode of that series on the Out of the Unknown DVD Set.

Michael Elwyn plays Lt. Algernon Ffinch. He has a recurring role in Kit Pedler & Gerry Davis Doomwatch as Ministry Official Richard Duncan and can be seen in the episodes The Red Sky, Invasion, Flight Into Yesterday, The Web of Fear, Public Enemy, Fire and Brimstone & Deadly Dangerous Tomorrow, several of which survive and can be seen on The Doomwatch DVD

4 Ffinch 1 sgt

Peter Welch plays the Redcoat Sergeant: He returns to Doctor Who as Morgan, the landlord of the Fleur-de-Lys pub in Devesham, in The Android Invasion. He too is in Out of the Unknown appearing as Sam in the Douglas Camfield directed The Last Lonely Man, the only completely surviving episode from the third season of the show. He also appears in Doomwatch as Tom Hedley in Invasion, which one of the episode Michael Elwyn appears in.

Playing Captain Trask is Dallas Cavell. H'e already been in The Reign of Terror 2: Guests of Madame Guillotine as the Road Works Overseer who captures and then is decieved by the Doctor and as the prisoner Bors in The Dalek Masterplan 3: Devil's Planet. He later reappears as Quinlan in The Ambassadors of Death and appears in the first episode of Castrovalva as the Head of Security.

4 Trask 3 Kirsty

Playing Kirsty is Hannah Gordon, in an early television role. She'll go on to make a name for herself in Upstairs, Downstairs, playing Virginia Bellamy, alongside Jean Marsh, of the Crusade and Dalek Masterplan. One of Hannah Gordon's earliest jobs in television was appearing as Zaylo in No Place Like Home, the first broadcast episode of Out of the Unknown.

The only other female actor in this cast is Barbara Bruce as Mollie: she was previously a Woman Tourist in The Chase 3: Flight Through Eternity. Sadly this is the only episodes she appears in and the only telesnaps she's in is a little blurred!

2 Molly 2 Sentry

Similarly hard to see clearly is Tom Bowman, who plays the Sentry who argues with the prisoners. He's also in the Out of the Unknown episode Immortality Inc as Sammy.

I'm completely unable to spot him in a telesnap but credited as a Sailor is legendary stuntman Peter Diamond. He as serves as fight arranger for Dalek Invasion of Earth 5: The Waking Ally, The Romans 2-4: All Roads Lead to Rome, Conspiracy & Inferno, The Space Museum 3 & 4: The Search & The Final Phase, The Chase 5: The Death of Doctor Who and will fill the same role for The Evil of the Daleks episode 5, The War Games episode ten and The Dæmons episode four. In front of the camera he was an uncredited stunt double in The Daleks 7: The Rescue and will be again for The Dæmons episode three but also acted appearing as Delos in All Roads Lead to Rome, Conspiracy & Inferno, episodes 2-4 of The Romans, a Morok Technician in The Dimensions of Time and a Morok Guard in The Search & The Final Phase, the second, third and fourth episodes of The Space Museum. His next appearance is a short one as the ill fated Davis in The Ice Warriors episode 1, and he's then an Extra in The Enemy of the World episode 1, the Doctor / Salamander in The Enemy of the World episode 6, a Confederate Horseman in The War Games episode three and an Alien Guard in The War Games episode nine. Diamond has either been in or do9ne stunts for just about every show on TV and many, many films: check out his IMDB entry for a full list!

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