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249 The War Games: Episode Six

EPISODE: The War Games: Episode Six
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 24 May 1969
WRITER: Malcolm Hulke & Terrance Dicks
DIRECTOR: David Maloney
SCRIPT EDITOR: Terrance Dicks
PRODUCER: Derrick Sherwin
RATINGS: 4.2 million viewers
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who: The War Games

"Are you suggesting he's bringing in his own people, the Time Lords?"

The Doctor, Zoe & Carstairs escape from the landing bay. The Security Chief is suspicious as to how The Doctor got to their planet and thinks he may have been brought there by the War Chief who he thinks has contacted his people. The Doctor gains access to the room the scientist is holding the resistance in using the sonic screwdriver. Jamie's examination reveals he was never processed and he is taken to the Security Chief. The War Chief arrives and finds out why Jamie has been selected. They overpower the guards. Von Weich tries to convince Private Moor, who is guarding him in the barn, to release him. The Security Chief interrogates Jamie and discovers they arrived by accident. The War Chief interrupts. They revive the resistance and escape. Zoe has memorised the members of resistance she saw. Moor unties Von Weich. The War Chief finds the Doctor's escape route disproving the Security Chief's theory that they used a space/time machine. Jamie is freed and the party, now in disguise, makes it's way to the Landing Bay. The Doctor sets the travel machine to take the resistance & Zoe to the American Civil War zone. The Doctor lets the guards into the landing bay while they hide then escape. The travel capsule arrives in the American Civil War zone where Russel struggles with Moor, now controlled by Von Weich, knocking him out. Von Weich threatens Russel, but is killed by a recovered Moore. The Doctor, Jamie & Carstairs steal the deprocessing machine but are seen by the Scientist. They escape past guards in the landing bay to a travel capsule, but it is immobilised and then, at the War Chief's instigation, the walls start to close in on them....

6y 6z

Cracking ending there harking back to The Time Meddler where The Doctor used a similar trick to prevent the Monk from leaving 1066!

MONK: Ah! Ah! What's he done? He's taken my dimensional control! He's ruined my time machine! I'm, I'm marooned. Marooned! In 1066. Oh, Doctor. Doctor! Doctor!
In fact it's the very same control used here to produce the effect:
SECURITY CHIEF: What do you intend to do?
WAR CHIEF: Activate the dimensional control.
There does seem to be a distinct similarity between the Tardis and the Travel Capsules as Zoe observes how easily the Doctor controls a travel capsule:
ZOE: Doctor, how did you do it so easily?
DOCTOR: It's not very difficult, Zoe. Now the doors.
Indeed the Doctor's ability to use the machines is helping fuel the feud between the Security Chief and the War Chief:
WAR CHIEF: So you have lost them. They have got away.
SECURITY CHIEF: One of them knew how to operate our space time machines.
WAR CHIEF: Are you blaming me for that?
SECURITY CHIEF: You knew they would head for the landing bay. You knew one of them could operate our machines.
WAR CHIEF: Of course. That is, after all, how they got here. Logic seems to be your weak point. Do something about this resistance group before the War Lord arrives.
SECURITY CHIEF: Wherever they are, I shall find them.
Lots more bickering between the Security Chief and the War Chief this episode with the former taking every opportunity to accuse the later of helping the resistance who he seems certain are using space/time technology. But in the middle of these exchanges the scientist gets to say something that nobody else was said before in Doctor Who!
SECURITY CHIEF: I believe that amongst this resistance group that attacked the base are people who have arrived on this planet without being brought here by us.
SCIENTIST: That's impossible!
SECURITY CHIEF: Is it? What about the girl Zoe, and this man the Doctor she spoke of? She said he had a space time travel machine.
SCIENTIST: Yes I know, but
SECURITY CHIEF: Have we taken humans from later than the Earth year 1917?
SCIENTIST: Of course not. Greater technological knowledge would be dangerous.
SECURITY CHIEF: Yet this man who tricked you had sufficient technological knowledge to understand the mental processing machinery.
SCIENTIST: Yes, that's true. But how could these people get here?
SECURITY CHIEF: The War Chief. His people have the secret of time travel.
SCIENTIST: Are you suggesting he's bringing in his own people, the Time Lords?
SECURITY CHIEF: He came to us because he wanted power. Perhaps there are others of his people who feel the same.
SCIENTIST: Can you prove this? If so, you must tell the War Lord immediately.
SECURITY CHIEF: Unfortunately I have no proof. You must help me find proof. I insist. This is a matter of security.
SCIENTIST: All right, what do you want me to do?
SECURITY CHIEF: These resistance people. Before you reprocess them, study them carefully. If you find anything unusual send the prisoner concerned to me for questioning.
6l 6k

We shall hear more of these Time Lords as the story progresses....

Of course no soon is the Scientist given an order by Security Chief then the War Chief shows up ...

WAR CHIEF: Have you started the reprocessing yet?
SCIENTIST: No, I've just been carrying out the preliminary examinations.
WAR CHIEF: Why? Why not just reprocess them?
SCIENTIST: I, well, these people have shown considerable courage and enterprise. They may make future leaders.
WAR CHIEF: Where is this prisoner being taken?
SCIENTIST: Oh, the Security Chief. He wants to question one of them before reprocessing.
WAR CHIEF: Really? Why this one in particular?
SCIENTIST: Oh, he just seemed to be the most suitable.
WAR CHIEF: For what reason? For what reason!
SCIENTIST: His brain patterns are different.
WAR CHIEF: Different how?
SCIENTIST: Well, he appears not to have been processed before.
WAR CHIEF: Really? How interesting. All right, carry on. But in future inform me of all such unusual developments.
SCIENTIST: Prepare the reprocessing machine. We shall begin with this one.
6m 6n
WAR CHIEF: Don't let me interrupt you.
SECURITY CHIEF: The questioning is over.
WAR CHIEF: What have you learnt?
SECURITY CHIEF: Nothing of importance.
WAR CHIEF: Really? Will you be questioning the others?
SECURITY CHIEF: They are all from the same resistance group. They will all tell the same story.
WAR CHIEF: But this one is different, surely?
SECURITY CHIEF: Why should he be?
WAR CHIEF: This one hasn't been processed before, has he?
SECURITY CHIEF: It's possible.
WAR CHIEF: It's a fact! Why was I not informed?
SECURITY CHIEF: This is a matter of security. Security is my responsibility, as you often remind me.
WAR CHIEF: Your first responsibility is to me.
SECURITY CHIEF: No! My first responsibility is to the War Lord and to my people.
WAR CHIEF: You don't trust me. But if you question my loyalty, tell the War Lord. But I warn you, be absolutely sure of your suspicions because if you accuse me without positive proof, I shall crush you.
6o 6p

Things come to a head when the resistance men disappear and the Security Chief effectively accuses the War Chief of helping them, only to be humiliated!

SECURITY CHIEF: They were seen here by my men.
WAR CHIEF: Where are they now, vanished into thin air?
SECURITY CHIEF: There is only one way they could have escaped. By use of a space time machine.
WAR CHIEF: I'm sorry to crush your wild theories. There's your space time machine.
WAR CHIEF: You're too late for that. They will be on their way to the landing bay by now, I should imagine. Try and get there before them.
6i 6j

The arguing between the two chiefs does get a little grating after a bit but apart from this it's business as usual. Somehow the lack of the authentic looking World War One setting detracts from this part of the story though. We've been running round the alien base for a few episodes now and it all looks very similar.

The only new speaking actor this week is David Troughton, playing Private Moor, the resistance man left guarding the captured Von Weich. Having been a guard extra in Enemy of the World he here has an early television speaking role before returning as the guest star as King Peladon in The Curse of Peladon. In the early 1970s, he shared a flat with Colin Baker, later to be the Sixth Doctor, who was later the best man at his wedding and is the godfather of his eldest son. He's appear in Survivors as Stan in Lights of London. I know him best for playing Dr. Bob Buzzard in the superb A Very Peculiar Practice alongside Fifth Doctor Peter Davison and if you haven't seen it then it's available on DVD. He appears twice in Drop the Dead Donkey as Roy Merchant Jnr, the son of Globelink News' owner and has two appearance enriching episodes Midsomer Murders playing Brian Clapper in Written in Blood and Miles King in The Animal Within. He had a recurring role in New Tricks as villain Ricky Hanson from 2006 onwards. In 2008 he returned to Doctor Who appearing as Professor Hobbes in Midnight and makes a cameo in 50th anniversary spoof The Five as a Dalek Operator! He is the father of actors Sam & William Troughton and the Warwickshire & England cricketer Jim Troughton.

6a Moor 6b Confrontation
VON WEICH: How long do you intend keeping me here?
MOOR: Until they come back.
VON WEICH: And supposing they don't come back?
VON WEICH: I'd like some water.
MOOR: All right. Sit down.
Moor's confrontation with Von Weich takes up a fair bit of time this episode.
VON WEICH: British private, aren't you? Nineteenth century.
MOOR: You can see that, can't you.
VON WEICH: Oh would you mind reaching my monocle for me? It's in my pocket there. Thank you.
MOOR: Now sit down again.
VON WEICH: Don't you talk to me like that. I'm a British Officer!
MOOR: No, you're not. You're my prisoner.
VON WEICH: I'm not your prisoner, Moor. I'm your commanding Officer. Do you understand?
MOOR: I'm not, I'm not in the army. The resistance I'm in!
VON WEICH: You're in the British army, Private Moor, the year is 1871. You're in the British army, and I'm your commanding Officer. Now, untie me.
Interesting that the monocle trick didn't work on fellow resistance member Harper a few episodes back but does here. Later on we see Moor fully under Von Weich's control:
VON WEICH: You understand now, Moor? I am your commanding Officer.
MOOR: You, you are my Commanding Officer. Yes, sir.
VON WEICH: Good, good. Now, Moor, give me your gun.

6c 6e

VON WEICH: Moor, shoot them! That's an order!
RUSSELL: Back in there, quick. Moor? Moor, it's me, Russell.
VON WEICH: Private Moor, shoot him.
RUSSELL: Don't take any notice of him, Moor. You're one of us, one of the resistance, remember?
MOOR: Resistance? No, I'm in the army. Oh oh two three nine Moor. Private Moor.
VON WEICH: Shoot him!

VON WEICH: You come one step nearer you'll die. Good. Now you're both coming back with me. Get inside the machine.
RUSSELL: No, you'll have to shoot me first.
VON WEICH: Very well, if you prefer to die that's your affair!
MOOR: I had to shoot him, didn't I?
RUSSELL: Thank goodness you did, lad.
MOOR: I'm not sure what happened.
RUSSELL: You've just saved our lives, that's what happened.

6d 6f

If I was cynical I'd say that Moor's only included to waste a bit of time and to bump off Von Weich, who they've run out of things to do with! As well as Von Weich, played by David Garfield, this episode is also the last we see of Vernon Dobtcheff. He gets one scene with the Security Chief earlier on, another with the War Chief and then is fixing the reprocessing machine when The Doctor turns up! He disappears then for the rest of the episode, not being seen when we return to the Doctor reviving the resistance members, and then pops up towards the end to discover the theft of the reprocessing machine but doesn't get to say anything!

6h (2) 6g

All very odd. Top performances however from both David Garfield & Vernon Dobtchef who've enlightened proceedings this story.

Two new supporting artists this episode: Brian Nolan was in The Invasion earlier this season as an IE Guard. He returns here as a Resistance Man followed by a UNIT Soldier in Spearhead from Space & Doctor Who and the Silurians, a Sea Devil in The Sea Devils, an Earth Guard in Frontier in Space, a UNIT Soldier in Invasion of the Dinosaurs, a Guard in The Seeds of Doom and the TV Cameraman in The Deadly Assassin part one. He's also been in Doomwatch as a Man in Flood. Del Watson is an Alien Guard here and a Crimean Soldier next episode.

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248 The War Games: Episode Five

EPISODE: The War Games: Episode Five
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 17 May 1969
WRITER: Malcolm Hulke & Terrance Dicks
DIRECTOR: David Maloney
SCRIPT EDITOR: Terrance Dicks
PRODUCER: Derrick Sherwin
RATINGS: 5.1 million viewers
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who: The War Games

"This is the War Chief to Security section. All guards to landing bay. The following procedure will be carried out ...."

The Scientist interrupts Carstairs: he pulls the trigger on his gun but finds it empty. Zoe is taken away. In the barn the resistance demand to know where the tunnel is the soldiers are coming out. Jamie explains the soldiers were brought in a machine but isn't believed. One of the resistance tried to shoot Von Weich but is stopped by Harper. Von Weich reaches for the communicator but Jamie stops him showing it to the resistance. The Security Chief interrogates Zoe, not believing she's from the 21st century. She is shown pictures of resistance leaders but doesn't recognise them. The Doctor interrupts the scientist's work on Carstairs, freeing him. They overpower the Scientist and escape. The Security chief tells the War chief that he deduces that Zoe is part of an independent resistance group originating from the 1917 zone. The War Chief is told of the emergency signal Von Weich started to send from the American Civil War Zone. Carstairs and the Doctor free Zoe. They make their way to the landing bay. A capsule materialises in the barn and guards emerge killing Harper but are quickly overcome. The Security Chief is wondering how the War Chief recognised the intruders. The security chief discovers that Zoe has escaped. Jennifer leaves with the resistance to tend to their wounded but Jamie & the leader enter the capsule and are on board when it dematerialises. The Security Chief finds the overpowered scientist. The Security Chief suggests that since Zoe claimed to travel in time perhaps the War Chief is a traitor to them as well as his own people. Hiding in the landing bay, the Doctor, Zoe & Carstairs hear an alarm sound: guards fill the room as a capsule materialises and Jamie & the resistance are shot down.

Lots of information for us in this episode. The War Chief isn't from the same race as the rest of the aliens but he's brought them technology that has made all this possible and is a traitor to his own people. He knows who the Doctor is so we can assume they are renegades from the same race. The War Chief is in charge of the operation but over him is the as yet unseen War Lord who nobody seems particularly keen to get involved in proceedings.

Most of this comes courtesy of an argument with the previously unseen Security Chief. The two characters don't seem to get on!

SECURITY CHIEF: This emergency call could be resistance activity. There is a large group operating in the American Civil War Zone.
WAR CHIEF: There seem to be large groups operating in most Zones, and now they're even infiltrating here.
SECURITY CHIEF: Only two of them and one of those has already been caught.
WAR CHIEF: Had I not pointed them out, you wouldn't have even known they were here.
SECURITY CHIEF: Yes, that has been puzzling me. Just how did you recognise them?
WAR CHIEF: You dare cross-question me?! The security of this entire venture is being threatened by your incompetence. You will find this intruder!
SECURITY CHIEF: The whole base is being searched. It is only a matter of time. If the mental processing were fully effective
WAR CHIEF: There would be no need for security. When I came to your people I was promised efficiency and cooperation. Without the knowledge I have, this complete venture would be impossible.
SECURITY CHIEF: We have given you every facility. If you have complaints I suggest you take them to the War Lord.
WAR CHIEF: I intend to do so. And now I suggest you finish the interrogation of that girl before she escapes as well.
5i 5j

At the first opportunity the Security Chief conspires against the War Chief by restricting information he should know:

SCIENTIST: That young officer got away.
SCIENTIST: Oh, the one in the lecture who asked all the questions, he tricked me. I must report this to the War Chief.
SECURITY CHIEF: No! You two, wait outside.
SCIENTIST: But he must be informed.
SECURITY CHIEF: These people are no ordinary resistance group. The girl said they have the secret of space time travel.
SCIENTIST: That's impossible.
SECURITY CHIEF: She was under the truth machine.
SCIENTIST: But the War Chief. He's the only one who understands space time travel.
SECURITY CHIEF: And his people.
SCIENTIST: What are you suggesting?
SECURITY CHIEF: He is not one of our race. Who knows where his true loyalties lie?
SCIENTIST: But he came to us of his own accord.
SECURITY CHIEF: He is a traitor to his own people. How can we be sure he is not a traitor to us?
5k 5l

The War Chief returns the favour by taking charge of something that should be the Security Chief's responsibility!

TECHNICIAN: Transportation returning from the American Civil War Zone, sir.
TECHNICIAN: But they're not following the routine, sir. They haven't called in.
WAR CHIEF: Have you tried to make contact?
WAR CHIEF: All right, inform the Security Chief. No! No, I'll handle this myself.
Jamie drops a useful piece of information to those of us watching at home in Black & White: the travel capsules are green! We can see what other elements of the production look like in colour in the photo gallery on disc 3 of the The War Games DVD. There's a few superb colour photos there particularly of the alien base.

5a 5b

The Scientist's room is particularly striking in yellow! It's just a shame no picture exists on Security Section as the wall designs there are somewhat psychedelic!

5d 5m

On début in this episode is James Bree as the Security Chief who'll be back as Nefred in Full Circle and the Keeper of the Matrix in the final 2 episodes of The Trial of a Timelord. He'd been in The Prisoner episode Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling where he plays Villiers and goes onto appear in I, Claudius as Montanus in Poison Is Queen, The Sweeney as Saxby in Money, Money, Money and The Professionals as Grant in Man Without a Pas. On the big screen he appears in George Lazenby's only James Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service as Gebrüder Gumbold.

5e 8 Russell

Graham Weston plays Russell, the resistance leader from the Boer War: he's back as De Haan in Planet of Evil, also directed by David Maloney's! You can see him in The Professionals episode When the Heat Cools Off where he plays Syd Parker.

Spencer, the soldier who wants to kill Von Weich, is played by Michael Lynch who'll be back as a Thal politician in the 1975 story Genesis of the Daleks, also directed by David Maloney. He plays the Arcade Manager in the final Out of the Unknown episode The Shattered Eye which, like many episodes of that series, is sadly missing from the archives.

5g 5h

Charles Pemberton was a Cyberman in The Tomb of the Cybermen and is an Alien Technician here. Once again, because Edward Brayshaw, Rentaghost's Mister Meeker, is in this story as The War Chief, we are forced to point out that Pembertion has an episode of that on his CV appearing in the third episode of series 2 as a Police Constable. He was in the Porridge film as Miller and later works with Patrick Troughton again in The Box of Delights where he plays the Chief Constable

Down the batting order IMDB lists William Strange as an Alien Guard: he's in Doomwatch Survival Code as an RAF Man while Cy Wallis, a Resistance Man, is in Blakes 7 as a Prisoner in Cygnus Alpha.

Unfortunately this episode is the last we see of Ambulance Driver Lady Jennifer Buckingham played by Jane Sherwin! Personally I thought she worked better in the earlier episodes, especially when paired with Lt Carstairs whom she seemed to share a mutual attraction too. Indeed the last things she says to Jamie is to pass a greeting onto Carstairs if Jamie fins him:

JAMIE: Do you not see, though? This thing could take us all back to the place where it's controlled from!
RUSSELL: How do you know?
JAMIE: Oh, where do you think those two came from?
RUSSELL: Well, is it true? Answer me.
VON WEICH: Do you think I'd help you?
RUSSELL: You'll do as you're told. Take those two away.
JAMIE: Now look, you want to find out what's going on, don't you? Och, I can't wait for you to make up your mind!
BUCKINGHAM: Oh, wait for me.
JAMIE: Ah, now, Lady Jennifer, I don't think you should come.
BUCKINGHAM: Because I'm a woman?
JAMIE: No, er, well, in a way, yes.
BUCKINGHAM: That settles it then. I'm certainly coming. You can't go alone.
RUSSELL: No, you're right, miss, he can't. I'm going with him. But you're staying here.
BUCKINGHAM: Oh now, look here!
RUSSELL: You're a nurse, you said?
BUCKINGHAM: Yes, but what's that got to do with it?
RUSSELL: I've got hundreds of injured men back at my headquarters. They need the help of someone like you.
BUCKINGHAM: Yes, I suppose you're right. Tell Lieutenant Carstairs that. Well, tell him I'll see him when you all get back.
JAMIE: Right.
BUCKINGHAM: Good luck.
JAMIE: Oh, thank you.
RUSSELL: Take her back to our headquarters. Thank you, Miss.

2q 5z

It would have been nice to see her make appearances later in the story reuniting her with Carstairs. As it turns out he hasn't forgotten her either....

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247 The War Games: Episode Four

EPISODE: The War Games: Episode Four
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 10 May 1969
WRITER: Malcolm Hulke & Terrance Dicks
DIRECTOR: David Maloney
SCRIPT EDITOR: Terrance Dicks
PRODUCER: Derrick Sherwin
RATINGS: 5.7 million viewers
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who: The War Games

"Emergency alert, emergency alert. This is the War Chief to all guard posts. Close section areas. Detain two resistance members!"

Doctor & Zoe find themselves inside a larger area inside the box, like the Tardis. Inside are groups of soldiers in the uniforms of different times and armies. The ship lands and the Romans leave. Jamie and Jennifer are captured by American Union forces. They are freed by Confederate forces but then imprisoned on the orders of their officer: Von Weich from the 1917 zone. The War Chief and his scientist talk about programming the soldiers when Von Weich reports on Jamie & Jennifer's capture. The travel capsule returns to it's base. The Doctor & Zoe disguise themselves and explore. Jamie & Jennifer are rescued by a soldier who has broken his conditioning and can't be hypnotised but he is captured in the escape. The Doctor & Zoe stumble into a lecture the scientist is giving explaining about taking the soldiers from Earth, processing them to convince them they're still on Earth. Some have broken the conditioning and formed a resistance. He brings in a captive who has broken his conditioning: Lt Carstairs! He reconditions Carstairs to make him obedient, which makes him unable to recognise his advanced surroundings. Carstairs accuses the Doctor & Jamie of being spies, recalling the court martial.

4i 4j

The Doctor suggest that Carstairs being completely de-processed before being reconditioned. Jamie & Jennifer are recaptures and returned to the barn, reunited with their saviour from the resistance. The resistance attacks, freeing them and capturing Von Weich. The War Chief and his guards arrive at the lecture and recognises the Doctor. An alert is sounded and as they flee Carstairs escapes, taking Zoe prisoner because he believes her a spy and draws his gun on her to shoot her....

My opinions on the War Games went up when I saw it on DVD but now I'm watching it episodically it's absolutely cracking. Loving it to bits.

There's a tinsy bit of time wasting in this episode though: Jamie & Jennifer escape, get split up, Jamie gets in a fight, Jennifer gets captured, Jamie frees her, they both get captured and taken to the barn where they started from, but it's minor and at the same time the Doctor's part of the story is moving on as they discover the conditioning of the soldiers and confirm they're not on Earth.

SCIENTIST: Should you arrive on another planet, you may not be aware that the problem is to retain the specimen's personality as a fighting man while at the same time putting him under our control. As you know, we remove the human specimens from their own world and time, and place them in a context which seems to them to be the same. It is vital that they continue to believe that they are living their own lives on the planet Earth and fighting the wars from which they were taken.
ZOE: So this isn't Earth.
DOCTOR: Quite right, Zoe, quite right.
SCIENTIST: With the majority of human specimens, the process used is both lasting and effective. However, in the case of certain humans of particularly strong character and individuality, the effects of the process have not been permanent. Gradually the processing tended to fade and the specimens developed the ability to pass through the Time Zone Barriers. Some formed themselves into resistance groups which have considerably hampered the progress of our plan. It is to overcome this problem that I have further refined our processing technique. To demonstrate the process I chosen a particularly difficult specimen. A man who finally shook off the effects of the process completely, and allied himself to resistance elements in order to fight us.
SCIENTIST: This Lieutenant Carstairs is a 1917 British army officer, who for some time after his initial processing, believed himself to be fighting for his country. However as I shall now demonstrate, the process has completely lapsed and he is now fully conscious of his surroundings. Where are you?
CARSTAIRS: I don't know.
SCIENTIST: Describe what you can see.
CARSTAIRS: A room. Filled with a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo. Funny people, strange clothes and those sort of glasses that you're wearing.
SCIENTIST: As you see, he is fully aware of his surroundings and very hostile. After my new technique has been applied, he will not only be completely docile, but will be fully convinced that whatever I tell him will be the truth.
ZOE: Oh, can't we help him?
DOCTOR: No, no, no, not yet. Later.
SCIENTIST: This machine is, of course, only a prototype. In due course, other machines will be built to this pattern, capable of processing large groups of specimens simultaneously.
Good to see Carstairs again. Despite having read the book when I was younger I was convinced he was a gonner when he's left behind in episode three the first time that I saw it.

The Doctor seems to have his suspicions that his own people are involved in this affair and almost, but not quite, says so in this episode.

ZOE: Doctor, look, it is like the Tardis. Bigger inside than out.
DOCTOR: Yes, Zoe, you're right.
ZOE: But who else would have space time machines like the Tardis?
DOCTOR: Well, there is an answer to that, but I hope, I just hope.....
ZOE: What?
The look of shock on his face, and the War Chief's as they recognise each other is superb.

4k 4l

There's a shock too for Jamie & Lady Jennifer as they run into Von Weich in the American Civil War Zone! Now I'm not up on my US Civil War so I've had trouble figuring out which side is which! However Von Weich's refers to Jamie & Jennifer as enemies of the south which makes them Confederates and thus their initial captors from the Union forces!

It seems odd seeing Von Wiech command two armies, the Confederate forces in the Civil War zone and the Germans in 1917, where his character's name insinuates he belongs. Is General Smythe on the Union side? Or is Von Weich only here to recapture the prisoners?

He quickly convinces initially friendly Leroy that the prisoners are spies using his monocle once again to reinforce the suggestion:

LEROY: Now don't you worry, ma'am. You're safe now. Oh, just like those Yankees to treat a lady like this.
BUCKINGHAM: Thank you.
LEROY: Oh that's my pleasure, ma'am. Happens all the time, ma'am. Yankees, they take over your house, tie you up, steal your food Oh, would you excuse me, ma'am?

LEROY: The Yankees had some civilian prisoners, sir.
VON WEICH: These people are enemies of the South.
LEROY: But Captain
VON WEICH: The boy is a Yankee soldier, the woman is a spy. You tie them up.
LEROY: Yes, Captain.

However the same trick fails to work on Harper who then stands revealed as something other than a Civil War soldier!

4m Von Weich 4n VonWeich

VON WEICH: What happened?
LEROY: They got away, he turned them loose. They can't have got far.
VON WEICH: Get a cavalry patrol, get after them. Hunt them down. So you turned them loose? Now where're they making for, boy?
HARPER: Look, I ain't going to tell you nothing.
VON WEICH: You're going to tell me where they're making for.
HARPER: Sorry, Captain, but that stuff doesn't work on me.
VON WEICH: You're from the Resistance.
HARPER: That's right, and I'm not one of you. Listen, you all. You're not fighting the war between the States, you know. He's just using you!
VON WEICH: It's no use. You'll never get them to understand. They're under my control.
Playing confederate soldier Leroy, is a young Leslie Schofield. He'll be back as Calib in The Face of Evil. He's a very recognisable face to anyone who's seen any TV in the last 40 years. He appears in the surviving fourth season Out of the Unknown episode Deathday as Det. Sgt. Roberts which appears on the Out of the Unknown DVD Set. His Doomwatch episode Say Knife, Fat Man, where he plays Harry, isn't so lucky as that is still missing like many of the other 1972 third season episode. He's in The Sweeney as Ian Ross in Country Boy. His most recognisable film role is in Star Wars as Chief Bast the Imperial Officer that recommends the Death Star is evacuated. Footage of him shot for Star Wars is recycled in the Star Wars Holiday Special. Shortly after he appears in the second Blake's 7 episode Space Fall as the sadistic Sub-Commander Raiker. Since Edward Brayshaw appears in this story as the War Chief we probably ought to mention Schofield's appearance on Rentaghost! He's also had stints in Coronation Street & EastEnders as well as loads of other roles.

4a Leroy 4b Harper

Rudolph Walker, playing Harper, was also in East Enders but is best known for his role in the controversial ITV sit com Love Thy Neighbour. Modern viewers will know him as P.C. Frank Gladstone in The Thin Blue Line

Vernon Dobtcheff makes his only Who appearance in this story where he plays the Scientist. On his extensive CV we find the missing third season Out of the Unknown episode Beach Head, where he plays Waldron, which was reconstructed for the DVD. He appeared in Blake's 7 as The Chairman in Shadow and The Sweeney as Harry Kretchmar in Supersnout. On the big screen You'll have seen him as Max Kalba, one of the scientists being blown up near the start of The Spy Who Loved Me and as Butler in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Toby Hadoke interviews him in Who's Round 31.

4c Scientist 4d Guard

John Atterbury appears a s the speaking Alien Guard outside the lecture room. He was previously a White Robot in The Mind Robber. He too has been interviewed by Toby Hadoke in Who's round 192.

Union Officer Sgt. Thompson is played by Bill Hutchinson who has an uncredited role in Diamonds Are Forever as the Moon Crater Controller. His underling Corporal Riley is played by Terry Adams.

4g 4h Students

IMDB lists a number of actors for this episode as German / Roman Soldiers / Alien Student, the insinuation being that the same people playing the aliens in the lecture hall are the Roman & German soldiers we see in the Aliens' travel machine.

DOCTOR: Zoe, come and see.
ZOE: Why are they just standing there like that?
DOCTOR: They seem to be in some sort of hypnotic trance.
ZOE: Romans, like the ones that attacked us. But these soldiers, what are they here for?
DOCTOR: They're going to fight, Zoe. That's what soldiers are for.
ZOE: But they're all from different times.

4e Germans 4f Romans

Amongst them are Neville Simons who was a Space Corps Technician in The Space Pirates and returns as Astronaut Michaels in The Ambassadors of Death. IMDB thinks Ron Conrad was an Extra in The Space Pirates and is a Soldier in The Ambassadors of Death. Barry Kennington returns in the Silurians as a Technician and also appears in Doomwatch as a man in Hear No Evil & The Islanders. It's George Howse only Doctor Who appearance but he's in Blake's 7 as a Scientist in Project Avalon. Likewise Bob Wilyman doesn't return to the show but he was in 2001: A Space Odyssey as an ape and pops up in Moonbase 3 as a Technician. They're joined by David Billa, a German Soldier in episode 1 who returns in the tenth episode in a third role, and Tom O'Leary, a Firing Squad Member in episode 1 and a Prison Sergeant in episode 2, who as well as being down as a Roman/German, IMDB thinks he's the Austro-Hungarian Officer as well, presumably the man who walks past the Doctor & Zoe when their travel machine arrives.

4o 4p

We didn't quite work out who the Foot Soldiers were in the last episode, but thought they might be with the cavalrymen so I'm guessing that the Foot Soldier in this episode, Terrance Denville, is one of the mob who capture Jamie & Lady Jennifer. He'd been in The Invasion as a Cyberman and returns later this story as an Alien Technician in episode 7. He's in The Silurians too, as another Technician and later returns as a Prison Guard in Frontier in Space, an Exxilon in Death to the Daleks and an Ice Warrior in The Monster of Peladon. He plays a Technician in Moonbase 3 Departure and Arrival, Behemoth and Outsider, appears as a Russian Security Council Member in the Pierce Brosnan James Bond film GoldenEye and appears in the Miranda episode Before I Die as an Old Man. Les Conrad plays an 1862 Union Soldier in this episode. He was previously a Tavern Customer in The Massacre and one of the space suited pirates in the surviving sequence from The Space Pirates episode 1. He returns as an Alien Guard in episode 7, a UNIT Soldier in Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Ambassadors of Death & Terror of the Autons, a Prisoner in The Mind of Evil, a Thal Survivor in Genesis of the Daleks and Mestor's Guard in The Twin Dilemma. That story features a pair of twin with the same surname and m'learned colleague Mr Hadoke confirms that they are his sons. He was in the A For Andromeda squeal The Andromeda Breakthrough as a British Soldier in Gale Warning, Doomwatch Burial at Sea as a Man, Blake's 7: Gold as a Space Princess Guard / Passenger and the Douglas Camfield Beau Geste adaptation as a Legionnaire. Jim Delaney is an 1862 Confederate Soldier here, a Resistance Man in episode 7 and an American Soldier in episode 8. He returns as a UNIT Soldier in Doctor Who and the Silurians, a Presidential Guard in Frontier in Space and a Station Policeman in the David Maloney directed The Talons of Weng-Chiang.

Harry Tierney plays a Resistance Man here and in episode 7. He was previously in The Smugglers as a Villager at Inn / Pirate and later plays a Plain Clothes PC in Day of the Daleks. Other resistance men include Allan Travell, a Trench Solider / Chateau Guard in episode 1, and David Melbourne, Carstairs' Man in episode 1 and a British Soldier in episode 7.

Friday, 3 May 2019

246 The War Games: Episode Three

EPISODE: The War Games: Episode Three
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 03 May 1969
WRITER: Malcolm Hulke & Terrance Dicks
DIRECTOR: David Maloney
SCRIPT EDITOR: Terrance Dicks
PRODUCER: Derrick Sherwin
RATINGS: 5.1 million viewers
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who: The War Games

"You are dangerous English spies. You are spies and you are going to be shot!"

The Doctor & his friends restart the ambulance and reverse into the mist, returning to 1917. The Doctor works out that the time zones must fit together so they visit the château to see if Smythe has a map showing them all. They blow Smythe's safe open using the explosives from a hand grenade finding a map with a blank space in the middle. They drive towards it but are apprehended by German troops. The Doctor is interrogated by a German officer Lt Lucke The Doctor demonstrates he's from the future by taking his revolver apart with the sonic screwdriver. His superior, Von Weich, arrives and placing his monocle in his eye convinces Lucke that they are spies. Von Weich reports to his control via video communicator he has captured the time travellers. The Doctor pulls the trick with the sonic screwdriver again allowing Jamie to overpower the Lt and for them to escape. In the control are the War Chief arrives and orders the travellers captured and interrogated. The ambulance escapes to the American Civil War Zone. Carstairs is captured by American Soldiers. Seeking shelter in a barn Lady Jennifer and the Tardis crew witness the arrival of a travel capsule with streams of soldiers coming out. The Doctor & Zoe go inside to investigate and are trapped inside when it leaves.

Another cracker this week. Jamie's joke that the Doctor might pick the lock with a tuning fork is a reference to The Space Pirates where he does just that. There's a couple of other nods to past stories too: The Doctor is driving again as per The Invasion and uses a alias previously heard in the Wheel in Space.

LUCKE: For the last time, what is your name?
DOCTOR: Why don't you just call me Doctor?
LUCKE: That is not a name. I want your full name.
DOCTOR: Oh, very well. Doctor John Smith.
LUCKE: Good. Now we are getting somewhere!
We'll be hearing a little more of that one later.

The sonic screwdriver's back too, with an effective demonstration of it's main function using Lucke's gun!

3k 3l

There's a cracking piece of special effects in this episode too: as the capsule dematerialises Jamie runs towards it and through the space where it just stood. Looks fabulous.

We're starting to get some answers too:

BUCKINGHAM: Doctor, who were those people who attacked us just now?
DOCTOR: Oh, they were Romans.
CARSTAIRS: Oh, but that's impossible!
DOCTOR: Oh, lots of impossible things happen when you pass through time.
BUCKINGHAM: Time? But no one can alter time.
DOCTOR: Look, it is 1917 where we are now on this map. Where we were attacked by the Romans it is two thousand years ago.
CARSTAIRS: But surely, Doctor
DOCTOR: Surely before we met the Romans we passed through a mist didn't we? A gas you called it. Now, supposing this mist is a barrier between different time zones?
ZOE: I see. So we went off the edge of this map and into a different time zone.
DOCTOR: Yes. What we need is a map which covers all the time zones. I'm afraid we shall have to get back to General Smythe's headquarters, to the château.
JAMIE: Well how are we going to get back there?
DOCTOR: Well, that's easy. You will take us!
The map does indeed tell them what they need to know. It's sideways on in the show but thanks to the wonders of technology it's easy to flip it round and maie it readable:

3 Map

DOCTOR: Look, Zoe. 1917 zone, Roman zone, American Civil War zone. This whole place is divided into time zones.
ZOE: But there's a blank space in the middle. There's nothing marked at all.
DOCTOR: Yes. Yes, and I think that that's where we've got to get to.
There's several other wars on the maps besides the ones mentioned here:
1917 War
American Civil War
Crimean War
Mexican Civil War

English Civil War
30 Years War
Boer War
Peninsula War

Russo-Japanese War

The Greek and Roman wars are undefined but the best known Greek one is The Trojan War, which we've already seen in the Mythmakers. Two of the wars on the far right are hard to read but we know the one at the top right is Mexican Civil War because we see someone from it later in the story. The one on the middle right is almost certainly the Peninsula War, which I'd never heard of!

So can anyone spot the problems with the map? Where's the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 which we saw a Redcoat from in episode 2? We see in the last episode and this one that it seems to be possible to travel from the 1917 zone to both the Roman and American Civil War zones. Surely then they should both be adjacent to the 1917 zone?

We visit the other side of the lines in the 1917 zone this episode and meet Kapitan Von Weich who pulls the same hypnotism trick with his monocle on his subordinate Lucke that General Smythe did in the previous few episodes!

3e 3f

Von Weich is played by David Garfield who'll be back in The Face of Evil as Neeva. Garfield also appears in Arrival, the first episode of The Prisoner as a Hospital Attendant.

3b VonWeich 3a Lucke

Playing Lt Lucke is Gregg Palmer who we previously saw as Cybermen Gern and Shav in The Tenth Planet.

In amongst their soldiers we have Andrew Andreas who we've seen in Dalek Masterplan 10: Escape Switch as an Egyptian Warrior and The Enemy of the World as a Central European Guard, Dennis Balcombe who's in the next episode as a German / Roman Soldier / Alien Guard and returns in episode 10 as a Redcoat and The Mind of Evilas a UNIT Soldier. He's also the driver in Timeslip The Day of the Clone: Part 1. Gary Dean was in The Ice Warriors as a Technician and returns as a UNIT Soldier in the Silurians. He's also in Doomwatch as a Man in Project Sahara and Fawlty Towers as a Hotel Guest in Communication Problems.

It's really sinister to see Von Weich and his opposite number General Smythe confering about an upcoming battle:

SMYTHE: If my troops make a push here, what resistance can you put up?
VON WEICH: Along here we shall have pillboxes, machine gun nests, landmines. You'll have no chance, but it will be an excellent test of the morale of your humans. Your entire force will be wiped out.
SMYTHE: Ah, but I will use my reinforcements to turn your flank. There!
VON WEICH: Then it will not be a fair battle.
SMYTHE: Perhaps not, but it will be an excellent test of your morale.

3g 3h

We meet Smythe & Von Weich's superior this episode, the War Chief, and also get a hint that he isn't the top man in the organisation:

SMYTHE: Did you have a comfortable trip, sir?
WAR CHIEF: Excellent. The War Lord is pleased with our work. But the rate of progress must be accelerated.
SMYTHE: A report from my zone, sir. The prisoners that escaped from the château been recaptured in the German lines. I have advised they be shot immediately. They gave some ridiculous story about being time travellers.
WAR CHIEF: Time travellers? And you ordered them to be shot? I want them brought here for re-interrogation.
The War Chief seems very concerned about the possibility of Time Travellers being involved:
WAR CHIEF: Time travellers? I wonder.
The Doctor meanwhile looks genuinely shocked when he hears the Tardis noise in the barn and sees the box materialise again making you think it might be his people who are responsible!

3o 3p

The War Chief is a hauntingly familiar face here to Children of my generation, even without the beard and trilby we're used to seeing adorn it. He's played by Edward Brayshaw, who previously appeared in Doctor Who Léon Colbert in The Reign of Terror. He can also be found in Moonbase 3 as Adam Blaney in Achilles Heel. I will now bring the entire edifice of this story crashing down by reminding you that he is Mister Meeker in Rentaghost!

3c WarChief

And if you think a bit of his costume looks familiar then you're right: The War Lord wears the necklace that previous adorned Zephon in The Dalek Masterplan. There, can cross that reminder off my list,it's been there three years!

Two new locations this week: Underhill Lane in Clayton, West Sussex provides the spot where the ambulance is ambushed by the Confederate Horsemen.

3m 3n

High Park Farm is where these scenes of the Horsemen galloping past were shot.

The Confederate Horsemen are mainly stuntmen, obviously hired for their ability to ride a horse! Chief amongst them is Peter Diamond. He was previously a stunt double in The Daleks and a Fight Arranger for The Dalek Invasion of Earth. He played Delos in The Romans, which he also acted as Fight Arranger for. He was a Morok Technician/Guard in The Space Museum, another Fight Arranging credit which he repeated for the following story The Chase. He's then a Sailor in The Highlanders, fight arranger for The Evil of the Daleks, Davis who's killed in the avalanche in The Ice Warriors episode 1 and the double for the Doctor / Salamander in The Enemy of the World. He's an Alien Guard in episode nine of this series and acts as a fight arranger as well. His final doctor Who appearance is in the Dæmons where he stunt doubles & fight arranges. During his long career he appears in all three original Star Wars films playing a Stormtrooper / Tusken Raider / Death Star Trooper in Star Wars, the Snowtrooper Gunner in The Empire Strikes Back and the Biker Scout Pushed Off Bike in Return of the Jedi as well as appearing as a German Soldier in Raiders of the Lost Ark. We last saw his fellow Confederate Horseman Gerry Wain waving a cutlass in The Mind Robber: Episode 5 as Blackbeard: he'll be Alien Guard in episodes 6 & 9 while Reg Dent was previously an English Horseman in The Highlanders. Arthur Howell has no other Doctor Who appearances but his film career doing stunts and fight arranging includes Dr. No, From Russia with Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever, Star Wars, Superman, Superman II, Octopussy, Krull & Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

3q 3r

Leslie Bates is the only person IMDB has down as an 1862 Soldier this episode but annoyingly fails to clarify which side he's on! The DWAS production file says he later plays a Confederate Soldier & a Foot Soldier in episode 4 of this story. His most prominent role in Doctor Who comes at the end of the very first episode where he cast the shadow that falls across the Tardis. He then played a Tribesman in the second episode, The Cave of Skulls. He's a Man at Lop, Mongol Warrior and Mongol Bandit in Marco Polo, a Guard in The Massacre, a Villager at Inn / Pirate in The Smugglers, an English Soldier in The Highlanders, and an IE Guard in The Invasion. He returns as a Waxworks Visitor/Auton in Spearhead from Space, a BBC3 TV Crewmember in The Dæmons, a UNIT soldier in The Three Doctors, a Lunar Guard, Draconian & Williams Guard in Frontier in Space, a Security Guard & UNIT Soldier in The Green Death, an Army Corporal & UNIT soldier in Invasion of the Dinosaurs, an Exxilon in Death to the Daleks, a Guard in Planet of the Spiders, a Time Lord in Deadly Asssasin and a Bi-Al Member in Invisible Enemy. In the The Andromeda Breakthrough he was a British Soldier in Gale Warning, in Doomwatch he was a man in Hear No Evil, The Islanders & Flood and in Moonbase 3 he's a Technician in Castor and Pollux. He's also in our favourite Adam Adamant Lives! episode D for Destruction as a TA Soldier.

However there's clearly more the one 1862 Soldier as the above photo shows and I think they're the bunch of men that IMDB has down as foot soldiers, which I think are confederate soldiers as opposed to their horsemen. David Cannon was, like Gerry Wainabove, also in The Mind Robber: Episode 5 where he played Cyrano De Bergerac. John Spradbury first appears in the story after him as a Cyberman in The Invasion. He's an Alien Technician 5n episode 8 before playing a UNIT Soldier in the Silurians. Patrick Milner goes onto play an episode 7 Resistance Man and an episode 8 German Soldier before also returning in The Silurians as a Security Guard and The Dæmons as a UNIT Corporal. He'd been in The Andromeda Breakthrough as the Policeman at Manor House in Gale Warning and appears in Doomwatch as an Airport Policeman in By the Pricking of My Thumbs... Martin Lyder is later an episode 5 Alien Guard. Peter Kaukus later has a Doomwatch appearance in Hear No Evil.

Given we've seen confederates earlier in the episode I'm guessing the soldiers coming out the box are the Union Recruits, who IMDB lists as also being Alien Technicians & Alien Guards for this episode.

3s 3t

In amongst the Alien Technicians we have Ian Munro, who was a Thal in The Rescue, a Trojan Soldier in The Myth Makers and a Worker/Fleeing Man in The War Machines. He's in Doomwatch as a Man in High Mountain & Flood and Blake's' 7 as a Scavenger in Deliverance and a Rebel in Voice from the Past. Terry Sartain starts his Who Career here and returns as a Warrior in The Mutants, a UNIT Soldier in The Three Doctors, an Earth Prison Guard & Draconian in Frontier in Space, an Exxilon in Death to the Daleks, a Brother in The Masque of Mandragora, a Gundan in Warriors' Gate and a Man in Market in Snakedance. His Doomwatch is Doomwatch as Minister's P.P.S. / Man in Club / Man at Palazzo in The Killer Dolphins and he's also in Blake's 7 as a Crewman in Space Fall and a Hooded Figure in Cygnus Alpha.

3j 3i

FINALLY the Alien Guards: Bill Richards was a Sailor in The Chase episode 2: Flight Through Eternity, a Monoid in The Ark episode 4: The Bomb and a Pirate in The Space Pirates. He goes on to play an 1862 Union Soldier in the next episode. Bruce Wells was a Thal in the Dr. Who and the Daleks film before playing a Cyberman in The Tenth Planet. He'll return as an Ogron in Day of the Daleks and Frontier in Space.